David Collins handcrafted stoneware vases are ideal for flower arrangements or as decorative stand alone pieces.

Vases are a versatile decor item primarily used to display flower arrangements, greenery or branches. Whether creating a welcoming entrance to your home, adding an element of interest to a corner of the room, or dressing a dining table, a vase of flowers will bring a touch of nature inside your home.

Vases can also be used as stand alone decorative items to complement an interior design scheme. With a muted colours palette and earthy textures David Collins vases, provide the perfect a link between manmade beauty and nature and will make a fine addition to any home.


David Collins is a highly experienced potter who creates stoneware teapots, tableware, vases and more. David is inspired heavily by traditional Japanese pottery methods to create pieces that are both functional and beautiful, featuring rich organic finishes.