Making tea in one of David Collins’ finely crafted and functional stoneware teapots is a joyous ritual that will make you banish the teabag forever.

The making and consuming of tea is a daily ritual that allows us to press pause on the world around us, to take a moment to reflect, and slow down. The tea making process – to boil the water, spoon the tea into the tea pot, pour in the boiling water, let the tea steep to perfection, then serve, is an artform in itself and an experience that will enhance your daily work and play.

The Japanese culture has recognised the sedate cleansing and spiritual experience of tea making and consumption for many centuries with the Japanese Tea Ceremony becoming increasingly observed since the 14th century.

With a beautiful, high quality handcrafted ceramic teapot by David Collins, the idea of ‘making do’ with a teabag will be thing of the past.


David Collins is a highly experienced potter who creates stoneware teapots, tableware, vases and more. David is inspired heavily by traditional Japanese pottery methods to create pieces that are both functional and beautiful, featuring rich organic finishes.