David Collins designs and handcrafts a wide range of exquisite stoneware pottery and functional ware including teapots, bowls, tableware, vases and more.

David loves nothing more than his pieces to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. Bring a sense of calm to your morning or afternoon by brewing the perfect cup of tea in a David Collin’s teapot and serve in lovingly crafted cups and saucers. Enhance meals to a visual and spiritual feast when served using David Collins tableware – whether it’s a healthy breakfast of muesli and fruit, a lunch salad or a hearty dinner. The earthy aesthetic of David Collins’ tableware perfectly complements Asian and Italian style meals but is a beautiful way to present all styles of cooking.

His stoneware pieces are individually handcrafted in his South Coast NSW studio and fired in a gas kiln under reducing conditions. Wood ash is sprayed onto the surface of the fired pieces to give a fluid running effect. Using this technique the materials, clay, underglaze and ash overglase fuse together and then flow over the piece forming a range of colours and textures in a sea of movement. David’s pieces with their organic finishes and muted colour palette have a meditative appeal. David’s work is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese pottery of the Muromanchi Period.


For everyday dining or a special occasion, David Collins bowls and tableware enhance the dining experience.


Tea caddies and jars to add a special touch to storing tea leaves, sugar, spices and more.


Handcrafted stoneware cups and mugs for your morning coffee, afternoon tea and evening chai.


Perfect jugs for milk, a posy of flowers or fresh herbs from the garden.


Celebrate the tea making experience and taste the difference when using a David Collins’ hand crafted ceramic teapot.


Handmade ramekins are a wonderful new addition to the range of handmade stoneware bowls and tableware by David Collins.


A hand crafted David Collins vase is the perfect complement to a flower arrangement or as a stand alone feature.


David Collins is a highly experienced potter who creates stoneware teapots, tableware, vases and more. David is inspired heavily by traditional Japanese pottery methods to create pieces that are both functional and beautiful, featuring rich organic finishes.